100 Days of Fitness

I started a personal challenge on July 2, 2012. I challenged myself to do something workout-related every day for the next 100 days.

I’m easily distracted and knew I needed to use just about every trick in my hat to stay motivated. I’m honest when I say that now, on Day 32, I’m having a tough time staying motivated. If you’re interested in following my daily workouts, you can check in on me on dailymile.com .

My workouts were also showing up on Facebook, but I’ve opted to unlink the two programs for the remainder of my challenge.

Why, you ask, did I decide to do a 100 day personal challenge? I give full credit to John “the Penguin” Bingham and his wife, Coach Jenny Hadfield. John had a series of injuries in 2010 which prevented him from running for several months. He and Jenny came up with the idea of the 100 Days challenge to kick off 2011. They opened the challenge up to anyone & everyone to “move intentionally for at least 30 minutes every day.” I participated & completed the challenge … although I didn’t do the challenge the way they had designed it. So when they announced they would be starting a new challenge on January 1, 2012, I was determined to complete the challenge the way they had designed it to be done … daily.

I was trucking along and made it to Day 47 before a muscle pull in my calf sidelined me. I sadly ended my streak in order to let my muscles heal. What I failed to realize is I could have continued my streak by shifting my concentration off of roadwork to doing other things like working on my core fitness. Lesson learned!

I heard one personal trainer say the best way to getting in shape is to vary the workouts. So I do. I’ve downloaded a half marathon training program that has 4 days of road work per week which allows me 3 days of active rest & cross training.

One activity I do enjoy, and it’s actually a great motivator for me, is to chunk my days into groups of 10. (remember, I’m easily distracted) Days 10, 20, 30, … , are designated Wine Days. I treat myself to a glass of wine after my workout. In order to keep me honest on my days, I bought a giant 100s chart and a packet of large shiny star stickers from our local education shoppe. I finish a workout, I slap a star on the chart. Yes, I am one of those odd ducks that will work for stickers.

So what happens when I come to the end of my 100 Days of Fitness? Well, two things. First I’ll treat myself to something really special. I haven’t decided on this yet, but it will be workout related (most likely clothes or shoes). Second, I’ll start a new challenge: 100 Days of Cardio. 🙂

Don’t cry for me San Antonio

Won’t meet my 15 mile run/walk goal for the week but I’m not pouting.  I’ve done something a whole lot more incredible for me:  I’ve got 7 days of certified heart-pumping cardio workouts under my belt!  I’m on a streak and I’m not about to let it lapse.  Yay, go me!

Got the Colonel and a few of my friends talked into the Los Chupacabras de la noche trail run on the 22nd.  How fun is that going to be?  Trapesing around in the dark for an hour or so and then eating barbecue at 10pm?  Hilarious!  Bonus: Mum, Princess, & I are heading to the WNBA All Star Game the next afternoon.  Can you say, “Lisa’s gonna sleep good?” So can I!

I received a phone call yesterday afternoon asking if I’d be interested in tackling a project in conjunction with C & I.  I laughed when I told Hub that I at least had a week to rest before being asked to get back to work.  Complaining?  Heck no!  I love staying busy and this project has the potential of opening lots of really great opportunities for me.

No wine this week?  Not a problem!


Lisa’s Weekly Wine Challenges

So I had to “incentivize” myself into getting back on the fitness wagon.  I made a deal with myself that if I would JUST. WORKOUT. EVERY DAY. for 5 days, I could have a glass of wine.

I had tried this before and it didn’t work.  There was no guarantee that I would buy in to my own motivator.

But this time, something clicked.

I made it to three days and realized that with only two days left in my personal challenge, I’d be pretty lame to not finish.

I did my fifth day’s workout this morning.  Break out the vino!

My reward!

I got to thinking that I need to up the ante on these challenges and make them more meaningful, especially since I want to use this little incentive tool and lay a solid mileage foundation to take me to the first day of SARR half marathon training in August.

And maybe, just maybe … one or two people will want to join me along the way.  Who knows?  If no one does, no worries.  More wine for me!  🙂

Sooo the challenge is this: complete the weekly task, earn my wine.  Easy-peasy.

Wine Challenge  week 1 – Just Do It … work out every day for 5 days

Wine Challenge week 2 – Run to live, live to run … run/walk a minimum of 15 miles

Wine Challenge week 3 – Tri’d & tru … swim 2 days, cycle 2 days, increase run/walk to minimum 18 miles

Wine Challenge week 4 – Core values … complete 3 days of Becky’s challenges in addition to Tri’d & tru.  Run/walk mileage should be a minimum of 20 miles for the week

Wine Challenge week 5 – Contract, year 3 … increase run/walk mileage to minimum 23 miles for the week.

Wine Challenge week 6 – Remember the bike … increase run/walk mileage to minimum 26 miles for the week, minimum 15 miles cycling

Wine Challenge week 7 – Saturday SARR meetup … remember Tri’d & Tru?  Get your swim on at least twice this week in addition to cycling & minimum 30 miles run/walk