Easter 2021

Tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday.

This is our third celebration with the Mancubs and given their ages of 10, 12, & 13, Sweet Husband was not in favor of a full-fledged Easter Egg hunt. I see his point … we had Halloween candy in the house until just before Christmas. We do not need any more sweets in this house!

I told Sweet Husband I’d like to hide “money” eggs this year. He was a little skeptical until I explained what I planned to do.

Shortly before Sweet Husband left for a one year remote assignment in Korea now almost 30 years ago, we had outlined our hands and gave them to each other. I still have that now-tattered sheet of paper with his hands in my wallet.

Remembering the hands and thinking of recent family conversations about respect, kindness, and love, I thought it would be memorable for each of them if they opened their eggs tomorrow morning to find a note from me. Do I hope they’ll tuck these notes in their wallets or some place they’ll see them often? Sure. Not because I have an inflated ego, but because I feel it important they have frequent reminders of how much their mama loves them.

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