I told Sweet Husband I’m feeling a huge sense of guilt over working from home but not being able to spend time with the mancubs. The fact I’ve been placed on “summer hours” doesn’t help at all. Four 10-hour days each week are tough.

Adding to the guilt of not being able to spend time with the boys is the senseless guilt of feeling like I must spend every moment of my day tied to my computer and you’ve got the makings of a woman on the edge of falling apart. The crazy part? If I was working out of my campus, I wouldn’t spend this much time in front of a computer. Ever.

“How are you enjoying your summer break?” This question is always met with a blank stare. Especially this year. With the exception of the one week each summer that the school district closes, I’m not getting a summer break this year. I hear I’ve got until October to take my vacation days. Seriously, how is that supposed to work with school back in session in early August?

The guilt? I know it’s senseless. I’m doing the best I can given my circumstances.

But …


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