Searching for Norman Rockwell

Deep down, I think everybody wishes they had the perfect family gathering with everyone in their best clothes and the fancy linens & wedding gift china, all sitting down to a fine feast with all the trimmings. The truth is, nobody’s perfect: the plates might not match and the table cloth most likely has a few stains that just.won’t.come.out. Doesn’t matter. What makes the meal? The people sitting together to enjoy it.

Those of my family that are in town this week will gather at my parent’s house in a few hours and enjoy a fine Thanksgiving feast filled with lots of good food, wine, and conversation.

It’s been a year of changes in my family: marriages, pregnancies, welcoming new family members. Finishing goals, pursuing dreams, entering new career fields. Preparations for children, both biological & through adoption, waiting and waiting and waiting … wondering how.much.longer … and waiting some more.

Through it all, despite our different interests & beliefs, we’re family. We’re a far cry from perfect to be sure. But we’re real. And we all support each other in whatever we’re involved in, however we can. We are here for each other. Not just on the special gathering days when the meals are fancy but also on the tuna sandwich & corn chips days.

Real life. So much better than a painting.

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