The day before the day before

Today is the day before the day before the new year begins. A time to reflect on what was and a time to plan for what we hope will come.  There have been so many things that have taken place over the past year.  Too many to count or list in one space.  Today, I’ll enjoy reflecting on the random thoughts that so often race through my mind …

I wonder about the hound sometimes.  Woke up to a cold and wet morning this morning.  Letting the poochies out, I reminded each of them to “stay out of the mud” as if they 1) understand me and 2) will comply. I glanced up from the book I’ve been reading only to witness the bassett hound sitting. in. the. mud.  {{sigh}}  Thankful for towels and mops.

Glanced up a bit later from aforementioned book to see a hawk perched on our back fence.  A remarkable sight because we live in a subdivision and our back fence blocks our backyard from a busy street.  The hawk, like the female cardinal and wren I spied earlier hopping from branch to branch in the sage below our kitchen window, had plumped it’s feathers to keep warm.  All three reminded me of the little brother in “A Christmas Story” with so many layers of clothing on his arms stuck straight out.  My mind works in mysteriously weird ways.

I love reading. Always have. I read a lot of books this year.  Not a Fan, Gods at War, AHA, Love Does, Unglued, The Best Yes, Quiet, Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, Soul Tattoo, to name just a few.


Another thing I love? Highlighting passages in the books I read.  There was a time I would have been horrified to have my books anything less than pristine.  Now? Not so much. I’m usually within arm’s reach of a pen or highlighter when I’m reading, a habit that remains from my college days.

Better than paper & ink? eBooks!  Goodness how I love eBooks.  I carry my whole electronic library with me literally EVERYwhere.

I highlight, I take pictures of pages with passages I want to remember, I share pictures of pages. I, ahem … make collages of pictures of passages I’ve highlighted.  And I share the collages.

Looking on the outside in, this seems to be a problem. I think I might need help.

Nah …

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

Hub & I started the journey into our 30th year of marriage a few days ago.  30 years seems like such a long time, such a large number of years.  In the scheme of our lives, the years have flown by.


Hub & I were so young when we covenanted ourselves to each other. 24 (he) and 22 (me), we were babes almost fresh out of diapers but oh so grown up and ready to conquer the world when we made our vows!

I read the book One Word that will change your life at the close of 2012.  My goal-setting hasn’t been the same since.  I loved the concept of encapsulating all my resolutions, all my goals into one word.  And to allow God to lead me in the process? Doubly awesome.

Truth time: my quest for my word for 2013 was more selfish than selfless.  There were some serious conversations beween me and Hub prior to me reading One Word that actually guided me toward my word for the year:


I reread One Word during my Thanksgiving break in 2013 and committed to really surrendering the process to God and allowing Him to guide me to my word for 2014:


While this was God’s word for me for 2014, I still managed to make a mess of it.  My intentions began honorably but I still managed to lose sight of the important on more than one occasion.  All part of being human, I know, but I couldn’t help but beat myself up for my actions not matching my intentions.

Which leads me to today … the day before the day before the first day of 2015.  Just as I did last year, I surrendered myself and my word to His leading.  I am amazed and humbled at how much He loves each of us and how, if we let Him, confirms His words to us.  He meets each of us right. where. we. are.  In all our messiness, in all our falling-short-of-the-mark-iness. He is here.

Every day, but especially in 2015, He is calling me to one-word-poster-1.php

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