Compassion isn’t always convenient

I was texting with a couple of my LifeGroup sisters a few weeks ago discussing the topic of compassion. The subject came up following an opportunity our church fellowship had that morning to pack food boxes for families with the Children’s Hunger Fund.

One of my sisters commented that it’s super-easy for us to whip out our check books and contribute financially to someone in need or to help each other out when a need arose, but when it comes to us being Jesus’ hands & feet in our community we fall short.

That conversation really struck a chord of conviction in my heart and I’ve been chewing on it and sincerely searching for opportunities to serve my neighbors and those in my community since then.

There have been a couple of opportunities I’ve seized/embraced over the past week and a few others I’m still working on for our LifeGroup to become involved in.

This is what continues to resonate in my heart:

Serving others isn’t always convenient.

I have been wrestling with this since our texting conversation and I had to be truly honest and admit to being very lazy in my service to others. If I can’t afford to give out of my excess … be it time or finances, I find excuses why I shouldn’t participate.

The Holy Spirit has been shaping my heart & filling me with strong conviction because He’s teaching me …

There are times when we can help others out of our excess and there are times when service is truly sacrificial.

The key, I’m finding, is to look for the opportunities and to be available when the Holy Spirit prompts me to help others.

Have I come to the point where my service is exclusively sacrificial? No, but I hope I’m getting closer. Much of my service is still out of the excess I’ve been blessed with.

The thought of true sacrifice scares me because when I’m truly honest with myself, I have to admit something: the only way I will be able to be truly sacrificial in my service, in my giving?

By being fully reliant on God.

Does that not blow your mind? I know it blows mine.

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