One Word for 2014

Fearless.  I was almost certain this was my word for 2014.  Almost.

I started questioning whether this was my word for me or God’s word for me about two weeks ago.  I reread One Word that will change your life and knew without a doubt that Fearless was my word for me and not His.

After a lot of prayer and needs assessing, I realized Fearless isn’t my word for 2014.

I’ve placed too much emphasis on addressing urgent needs rather than important needs.  I’ve given up important things like leading a Bible study and volunteering in youth ministry to spend almost every waking moment working on urgent issues at work.

I begrudgeonly realized as I lay in bed exhausted and sick during the Thanksgiving Break, that even if I worked 12 hour days every day of the week, I’d NEVER get caught up on all the “urgents.”  And that made me angry.

I analyzed my needs and I paid close attention to the verbs: be, focus, concentrate, improve.  I looked at the obstacles that are keeping me from addressing my needs: urgent issues, lack of planning/poor time management, ego.  Finally, I committed to letting specific things go.  First & foremost: excuses.

Which helped me see where God is leading me in 2014.



  • on Him
  • on what’s important
  • on my family
  • on my health

My word for 2013 was Compassion.  I learned a lot as I tried to live a more compassionate life.  Namely: when you pray to be more compassionate, He provides ample opportunities for you to learn.

Where will I be in my walk with Him on Christmas Eve 2014?  No telling.  I shared a heart cry with my Circle of Friends several weeks ago.  I remember it as vividly tonite as I did when God whispered it to me on that quiet morning: Lord, mold me into the vessel You want me to be and help me accept it. 

And tonite I add: and Lord, keep my focus fixed solely on You.

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