Dear John(ny)


photo credit: USA Today

Dear Johnny,

As a transplanted Texan, I cheered as loudly as my native-born husband the night you were named the 2013 Heismann Trophy winner.  We were proud!

That pride is dissipating, young man.  Your behavior in the off season prior to yesterday’s game against Rice was concerning.  Your behavior on the field during the game yesterday? Embarrassing.

I’m sure your parents brought you up better than that.  I’m sure your coach and your teammates have shared their disapproval of your taunting the other team, and the 15 yards you cost them in the final minutes of the game.  I’m sure you’re going to hear a lot about how many other people are disappointed in your behavior.

The thing is, kid: you’re a good athlete.  And, like it or not, you’re a role model for the youth of our country and our state.  Question is: do you want to be a positive role model or a negative one?

My sincere hope is you’ll choose to change your behaviors and be a positive role model.  As an educator, I can honestly tell you that today’s kids need positive role models because the world is filled with negative influences.  Educators, your teammates, your coaches need you to turn it around, young man.

We know you can do it.

The choice is your’s.


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