One Word – 2013

Let me preface this by stating: I am not a Bible scholar.  Neither am I a theologian.  All I am … is me.  A 49 year old wife, educator, penguin athlete, and most important: Christ follower.  I am also a person who recently read a book that changed my perspective on how I set goals & resolutions.  That book is One Word by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, & Jon Gordon.  I have to be honest, it took over a week before I received my word for 2013.


I did a Bible search for my word.  Did you know the word, Compassion, appears 54 times in Scripture?  Amazing!

I want to learn how to be compassionate from the Bible’s perspective: what does it mean to be compassionate; how can I serve others compassionately?  I want to learn what compassion is and what it isn’t.

Will I be perfectly compassionate every day? I wish!  Suffice it to say, five days into the new year and I’ve already blown it in the compassion department.  But that’s the beautiful thing about God: He is a God of second (and third, and fourth, and … ) chances.  I’m so thankful!

Following are the 54 references to compassion in the Bible.  I use the English Standard Version.  I don’t know if that matters, but thought I’d cite it for clarification.  My plan is to take one or two verses each week to study, reflect, and apply to my life.  Britton, Page, & Gordon recommend sharing the journey with my “stretch team.”  I hope you’re willing to walk alongside me through this journey.  Feel free to stretch along with me, leave me a note or word of encouragement, or just say hello.

Gen 43:30

Exo 22:27

Deu 13:17

Deu 3:3

Deu 32:36

Judges 21:6

Judges 21:15

1 Sam 23:21

1 Kings 8:50

2 Kings 13:23

2 Chron 30:9

2 Chron 36:15

Ps 77:9

Ps 78:38

PS 79:8

Ps 103:13

Ps 135:14

Isa 9:17

Isa 14:1

isa 27:11

Isa 49:13

Isa 49:15

Isa 54:7

Isa 54:8

Isa 54:10

Isa 55:7

Isa 63:7

Isa 63:15

Jer 12:15

Jer 13:14

Jer 21:7

Jer 30:18

Lam 3:32

Lam 4:10

Eze 16:5

Dan 1:9

Hosea 11:8

Hosea 13:14

Micah 7:19

Zech 10:6

Matt 9:36

Matt 14:14

Matt 15:32

Mk 6:34

Mk 8:2

Mk 9:22

Lk 7:13

Lk 10:33

Lk 15:20

Rom 9:15

Col 3:12

Heb 10:34

James 5:11

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