Reflection on Christmas Past

I was determined not to let the commercialism of the season “get” to me this year.  Instead, I looked for the meaning of Christmas in the world around me.  Boy, did I find it!  More than “it,” I found Him … Jesus … the Christ … in so many little and big ways!

* in the small, but not insignificant gift of a candy bar from our office custodian

* in the incredibly convicting messages during worship each Sunday to focus on the Lord of this (and every) season

* in the grace I saw people bestow on others

* in the realization that even in the midst of horrid tragedy and displays of evil … HE is here, loving us, pursuing us, never giving up on us

Hub & I didn’t pull the tree or decorations out this year.  Not because we were in mourning, more because the Barky Boys weren’t supervised around the decorations last year and almost toppled the tree.  We had every intent of decorating and really make an outward show of celebrating the season but … the nasty flu knocked me into bed for a few days and Christmas day was upon us before we even realized it.

Rather than an outward show to the world, we focused on what we felt was truly important: spending time with family.  That, much more than the energy put into decorating for the holiday, was meaningful for us.

Marrying right after Christmas means that Hub & I celebrate our anniversary during this time of the year.  While it may sound odd, the highlight of our celebration was visiting briefly with the priest who performed our marriage ceremony.  The only reason it was odd was because we were visiting with him shortly before he was scheduled to officiate over the funeral Mass of my friend’s husband.  When we laughed and shared that we were “still married after 27 years,” he became serious and declared, “Well, I should hope so.”  Talk about convicting!

We have, as a result of this conviction, resolved to live a honeymoon life.  How?  We are busy people working on schedules that don’t allow us much time to spend together.  We have determined to make the most of the time we can share by doing a few simple things:

Hub & me at the finish line of the Cobweb Chaser 2013

Hub & me at the finish line of the Cobweb Chaser 2013

* make time for each other

* run errands together

* talk more

* text each other, even if we’re in the same room 😀

* work out together

* make goals together

Mum & Da commented as I was leaving their house last night that this is the most they’ve seen me in the last several months.  Just as Hub & I have committed to live the honeymoon life, I am committing to spend more time with my family.

What was my greatest take-away this Christmas?  Focus more on God, spend time with family.

It’s not rocket science but it is, sadly, very easy to neglect those we love.  Busyness does that.

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