Alyssa’s Wedding

Hub & I are going to a wedding tonite.

The oldest daughter of his best friend is getting married.

I remember when this young woman was born. It doesn’t seem possible she’s old enough to be getting married. And yet …

And yet she is. She’s not a baby anymore … She graduated from college two years ago. She’s in her mid-20’s.

It’s exciting to see two young people commit their lives to each other. To see the look in their eyes, the brightness, the clarity they have for their future.

I’m happy for her and her new husband. I’m happy for all the promises their life together holds. My prayer is that as the challenges come … and they will come … that they will seek each other out for comfort, lift each other up in prayer, and walk together through the storm.

Congratulations Alyssa & Rodrigo. Blessings on your new life together.

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