Reflecting on my first week of a new contract. One word: New.

New boss
New campuses
New math intervention program
New workspace

I wasn’t sure how I would react to all this “newness” and, truth be told, I didn’t act well initially.

I’m okay with change when I know what to expect. Of the four new items I received this week, the new campuses is what caused me the greatest stress. I was incredibly sad to lose my campuses from last year. I enjoyed the teams I got to work with and was really hoping to move forward with plans & ideas in the new school year.

On the upside, I get to take all those plans & ideas and share them with two new campus teams. I meet my new principals next week, the teachers come back to work the week after. It will be a fast year, they always are.

I’m glad to be back and very thankful that the “powers that be” wanted me back.

Here’s to a new school year!


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