Colossians 30 day challenge

day 1
Yesterday was a tough day all around. I hate that I’m a “pleaser” and a “perfectionist.” my folks at Irving work hard. We all do, and to have Lanier ask for the corrections after we did them … that was really disappointing. Especially when they were asking for things that required ARDs. We didn’t have the time to do the ARDs and I wasn’t comfortable writing them into amendments. I still feel guilty that we didn’t do the corrections the way they wanted them done. I don’t think that feeling will go away.

Is this how the Gnostics made the new Christians feel? Guilty because the newbies weren’t doing things their way? That they told the new Christians they weren’t godly because they weren’t doing things their way? Hmmmm … definitely something to think about.

Help me Lord focus on You. The guilt isn’t from You, I know that. Help me focus on what’s ahead and learn from what happened in my past. Amen.

day 4
It’s been an incredible week. Very emotional, extremely taxing physically. The school year has ended, my contract will finish soon.

I’m reading Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven. Only on chapter 4 but already so convicted. Wondering what life would have been like if I were a new believer in Paul’s Colossae and I was reading this book on Heaven and getting to the passage where Alcorn writes the way to Hell is easy and the only road to Heaven is through Jesus. So many things in this life scream for our attention … If you’re good enough, pretty enough, young enough … You’ll make it to heaven, just you see. Is this what the Gnostics were teaching?

Is history simply repeating itself?

“those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

day 30
Although I haven’t blogged daily, I have been working daily on a Bible study in the book of Ephesians this past month and started a study on the book of James yesterday. There’s a lot of putting off and putting on in Ephesians, which made it a great compliment to study along with both Sunday School & worship studying the book of Colossians.

I find that when the Lord indicates something to me 3 times, I better move in that direction.

1. Last week in Bible study, Brenda & I were comparing our translations. Mine had no punctuation, her’s did. LouAnn shared with us that i should read James chapter 2 and that the original Greek & Hebrew had no punctuation, that the translators added this.
2. Tom shared we’ll be studying the book of James next in Sunday School after we finish Colossians.
3. Brenda shared with me that she just started a Beth Moore study with her neighbors. On, you guessed it: James.

I looked at her & she looked at me and we said at almost the same time, “I wonder what I’m supposed to be learning right now?”

Coincidence? I think not.

So, first thing yesterday morning, I headed out to buy a book study on James. Picked up John MacArthur’s study. Pastor Larry at Rocky Bayou used to share quotes from him, so I knew this was a good study to do. I am not disappointed. 🙂

And I think this is probably the greatest takeaway I gained from the 30 day challenge: i had spent so many long years in the desert not really knowing how to make my way back home and to see in black & white that the Lord loves me so much He wants me to dig into His Word and focus fully on Him. It’s truly amazing & completely humbling that the God of the universe cares so very much for someone as insignificant as me.

Camera+ is a good app on my phone … Jesus+ is not a good app(lication) for my life.

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