Jumping in with both feet

I am so excited to finally have made up my mind!

Sounds weird, I know.

It took me over a year to finish NYIP Unit 1.  The only one holding up my progress was me.  I started with enthusiasm and as is typical with me, quickly peetered out.  Picked it back up a few months later … put it on the back burner.  Got to the unit test, took it & passed, and was gun-ho and finished the unit.  AND THEN it took me 5 months of shooting thousands of pictures all over San Antonio before I finally narrowed my choices down to the final three.

I’m printing them today and sending them in for critique.


The staff at NYIP had said completing the first unit is typically the hardest because students report the heightened sense of insecurity leading up to their first submission.

Truer words have never been spoken.

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