Family ties that bind

Spent a very nice Easter evening with Hub & my parents. We invited them over. Something we haven’t done in quite a long time. Too long, actually.

I spent the long weekend cleaning and practicing how to do things like using the iced tea maker they gave us several years ago. The test batch turned out better than I expected so when it came time to make another batch this afternoon, I followed Hub’s advice and did exactly what I did the other night.

Dinner conversation turned to family issues. Namely what’s going on in Hawaii since my uncle died in January and Hub’s family since his father’s death in November.

One thing I absolutely don’t want to happen is the infighting we witnessed with Hub’s siblings and what seems to be going on with my cousins.

I don’t want that to happen with my brothers & me. I’m not sure how I can prevent it, but I definitely do want to work to prevent any potential nastiness. Lots of prayer. No doubt about it.

Middle brother is hoping to transfer back to Texas. It’d be nice if he gets the transfer and nice to have more family closer to home.

Youngest brother is due back from deployment next month. It’ll be nice to have him back in the States. Deployments are tough for the children of the service members but aren’t any fun for the rest of the service member’s immediate family, either

Oldest brother is about to retire from the military. Shocking that we’re now of the age where retirement is a consideration. It’s true, though. As for me, I’ll most likely die in the classroom. Kidding!

Family. I love ’em.

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