I took this pic …


Bus stop at Blue Star

It’s amazing the memories or feelings some pictures evoke.  I took this picture over Christmas Break after the Writer & I had finished 7 miles out on the River.

We were wandering around the parking lot of the Blue Star Brewery trying to find good location shots for her for her blog.

I remember waiting for the light to turn red at the corner so I could jump out into the street and snap a shot without getting hit by an inattentive motorist.  This was actually taken from the safety of the sidewalk.  My photo from the street didn’t turn out at all.  It was a good morning.

We hadn’t spent anytime together in the last couple of years due to circumstances … “life” if you will … and so this morning was time for us to just BE in the moment and enjoy each other’s company.

Hub & His Dad

Hub had a very stressful day yesterday and in the moments leading up to the cause of all his stress, I helped him calm down by flipping through an album of our favorite pictures.  Pictures of places we’ve been during the last year; pictures of our favorite people.  I had forgotten there were pictures of him & his dad in that album and I wasn’t sure how he would react when he saw them.  I watched his face as he gazed on the photo of him & his dad, how his countenance softened.  He told me later that he really misses his dad.  I held him tight & told him I knew.

There’s power in capturing moments in time, preserving memories.  All I can say is …


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