The Riverwalk runs through it

Charles Barkley once called the San Antonio Riverwalk a “stinky little canal.”  Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban never has anything nice to say about the Riverwalk, either.  I think Charles Barkley, like Mark Cuban, are jealous.

If there is one place in San Antonio that I like to shoot, it’s along the Riverwalk.  There are so many different facets to it’s personality.  From the river taxi turn-around point at the Pearl Brewery to the Espada Aqueduct, the River is an amazing geological and engineering gem.

Tourists don’t typically experience all parts of the Riverwalk and truthfully, I haven’t either.  The difference is I, and other like-minded locals, know there are many parts of the River that don’t get shown on TV in the Visit San Antonio promotional spots.  And honestly, that’s about how we like it.

I was introduced to some of the lesser-known areas of the River earlier this year and since then have become an ambassador for exploring the hidden gems the River has to offer.  I don’t recommend exploring the southern reaches alone.  As beautiful as it is, there is always a possibility of harm.  As my alma mater ingrained into us: “Just 2 It!”

I’ve invited folks to come with me to walk, run, and cycle along the River.  Each one has come away with a new appreciation of what the River, and San Antonio, has to offer.

So, as it is now a typical thing I do, I invited the Writer to head out to Blue Star with me yesterday.  She ran & I rode along side her as we travelled along the newest phase of the Mission Reach.  The phase had just opened in September and we both commented about looking forward to spring on that part of the river once the flora has come out of dormancy.  The developers are creating a natural habitat with native grasses and other vegetation from the area just south of the Blue Star brewery on down to the Mission Espada dam and aqueduct.  Once the final phases are complete, a person will be able to walk/run/cycle continuously from the Pearl Brewery to the Espada aqueduct along the River trails and walks for a round trip of approximately 26 miles.

Because she needed a little more mileage upon returning to the Blue Star complex, we elected to head north along the River past the Guenther House.  I hadn’t traveled along that part of the River and was so blessed with the trip!  We were, at one point, traveling along the River below water level.  I wish I had my camera out at that point because the perspective was very cool!  Definitely heading back over to that part of the River to explore & shoot.

I invite Charles & Mark to come and explore the River with me.

Perhaps they’ll change their minds and see our River for the gem it truly is.

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