The “Most Wonderful” time of the year?

I don’t know which is worse: being all-inclusive or … what would the opposite be that I don’t like?

I tend to wax philosophic this time of year because I really hate the commercialism of this season.  For whatever reason, this year’s crop of greediness seems to be grating on me more than in years past.  Retailers opening at 10pm Thanksgiving night, Christmas commercials running before the end of October, in-your-face LED Christmas lights that shout, “Look at me!  I’m bright AND YOU’RE GONNA LIKE ME because I don’t cost as much and, oh yeah, I’m bright!”  (Can you tell I don’t like the LEDs?)

Oh, and don’t get me started on the yokels saying “Happy HanaKwanzaaChristmas!”  Talk about offensive! How dare they try to diminish the significance of Christmas by lumping it with every other celebration out there!  Hub & I have been accused of “living in the 1900’s” because we are seen as intolerant and won’t love all religions.  I say they’re right and bully for our accusers for being so observant!   There are some religions that superficially preach peace but the dogma at the very core of their religion is war against all that do not agree with them.  Chiefly, war against the Jews and the Christians.  I’m supposed to embrace their religion?  Not in my lifetime.

At this time of year, I celebrate for one reason and one reason only: to celebrate my Savior’s birthday.  I’m not Jewish; I don’t celebrate Hanukkah.  I have no idea what Kwanzaa is, so I have no reason to celebrate it.  I celebrate Christmas.  CHRISTmas!  If I am ever asked to lay down my life for my Lord, I would without a second thought or a moment’s hesitation.

Can the “evolved” who call me “intolerant” say the same?  Do they even know who their god is?  Mammon is chortelling with glee:  How many blindly serve him?   The hoard’s mantra is, “Live life, for this is all there is.”

My Jesus gave His all for me.  How can I think to do anything less for Him?


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