A Week in the Life

Last weekend kicked off with a fairly relaxing Saturday of puttering around the house, tidying up, and mentally planning for the next week of work.  Mum & I had a Silver Stars game to go to that night and I was really excited about the Jars of Clay concert after the game.  I was also very excited about the Pilot’s arrival Monday afternoon.  Mum, Da, Hub, & I were planning to celebrate the Pilot’s final flight as a Naval Aviator with him and the flight crewe Monday night.  I was looking forward to capturing all of the festivities for posterity.  All-in-all, Labor Day weekend promised to be relaxing and fun.

The game was good even though the Stars lost.  One word to describe the concert: FANTASTIC!  It was a great worship concert and listening to Sophia share her testimony really spoke to my heart.  I even saw a very good friend after the concert: my high school Campus Life director!

Little did I know that the Lord was using that sweet, sweet time of worship and fellowship to prepare my heart for what lay ahead.

Mum called around lunchtime Sunday to share that the Colonel was being called back to Afghanistan.  This time the deployment is for a year.  And, she said, he was due to fly out in a little over a week.  What???  How is this possible?  After all, he JUST. GOT. BACK a few months ago.  Didn’t he?  Reality: he’s been back in the States for almost 18 months.  But still!  I needed time to absorb what Mum had just told me.  I promised her I’d call the Colonel, hung up the phone, and cried about the seeming unfairness of it all.  I know it’s his job.  But still!  (yeah, I’m saying that a lot …)  So I called the Colonel and got his voice mail.  I imagine he had a lot to take care of.  Namely: spend as much time as he could with the Princess.

Got in some awesome worship time while I logged my miles both Sunday and Monday morning.  Bad part was the blisters.  I was forced to lay off my feet the majority of this week just to let them heal.  Think I’ve got another prevention and am eager to try that theory later this morning.

I had a great time with the Pilot and the crewe Monday night and stayed up late editing photos so I could send them out to him as well as post a few in Thru Lisa’s Lens.

The Pilot's final flight as a Naval Aviator ~ September 2011

I’ve basically spent the past week in a very raw emotional state.  So joyful and happy for my oldest brother and the milestone he just reached and so sad and anxious for my youngest brother and all that is soon to take place.  My middle brother, the Spook, thank goodness, is doing well and all is quiet on the Western front for now.

I didn’t begin sharing the news about the Colonel with my colleagues until Thursday.  I told one colleague that I’m just going through the motions.  I’m very thankful for being crazily, impossibly busy: for me, it’s very therapeutic.  All those feelings and emotions I had prior to his first deployment have come flooding back with a vengeance and I have to keep reminding myself that FEAR is simply False Expectations About Reality.  I can’t always stop the fear from creeping back in.  Things are very different about this deployment than the last.  That in itself scares me.  I remember spending every waking moment of his last deployment with fear nagging at the pit of my stomach.  I can’t do that this time.  I’ll keep him lifted in prayer and look forward to seeing him when he returns.

And so my family has entered a new season.  A season we’re very familiar with and one that military families all over the country are in:  One of prayer, of worship, of hope.

Stay safe, Colonel.  We’ll see you soon.

The Colonel & me prior to the Chupacabra Trail Run ~ July 2011

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