Blisters, blisters, blisters

Blisters have been my worst enemy this year.

Just when I think I’ve got the right “mix” of bodyglide, socks, & shoes, a blister’ll rear it’s ugly head in the worst place(s) on my feet.  I told Hub over breakfast this morning that I’m starting to really freak out because I’m at the point in my training plan where my long days are increasing in mileage.  If I don’t get this blister issue under control, it’s going to be a really miserable training season for November’s half marathon.

I headed out for a quick 2 miles the other night and felt a blister forming a mere .75 miles out.  Seriously?  Blister confirmed when I pulled my socks off.  Dang!

It used to be the blisters wouldn’t form until mile 4.  What the?  Long short, I’ll head out tomorrow morning and knock out my 4.

Praying for no more blisters.


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