Don’t cry for me San Antonio

Won’t meet my 15 mile run/walk goal for the week but I’m not pouting.  I’ve done something a whole lot more incredible for me:  I’ve got 7 days of certified heart-pumping cardio workouts under my belt!  I’m on a streak and I’m not about to let it lapse.  Yay, go me!

Got the Colonel and a few of my friends talked into the Los Chupacabras de la noche trail run on the 22nd.  How fun is that going to be?  Trapesing around in the dark for an hour or so and then eating barbecue at 10pm?  Hilarious!  Bonus: Mum, Princess, & I are heading to the WNBA All Star Game the next afternoon.  Can you say, “Lisa’s gonna sleep good?” So can I!

I received a phone call yesterday afternoon asking if I’d be interested in tackling a project in conjunction with C & I.  I laughed when I told Hub that I at least had a week to rest before being asked to get back to work.  Complaining?  Heck no!  I love staying busy and this project has the potential of opening lots of really great opportunities for me.

No wine this week?  Not a problem!



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