Words to never say

I remember when I was young Christian when one of the more “seasoned” women of my church fellowship said to not pray for patience because God would allow you to learn patience. I took her words to heart and never again prayed for patience.

I think she was pulling my leg, though. That, or my first prayers to learn patience are still on the Lord’s mind because I happen into many situations where patience is the lesson to be learned.

One more thing I am learning not to say, albeit the hard way, is: “it could be worse.”  Case in point: the very dry weather has caused many water mains to break. One close to the office broke early last Friday morning which ultimately resulted in the superintendent allowing us to go home early.

I turned to my boss at one point in the early afternoon and told her, “It could be worse. We could have lost the a/c.” she looked at me and laughed.

Flash forward to last Saturday night … slightly 24 hours after my conversation with my boss.  Hub & I were commenting to each other that the a/c didn’t seem to be cooling as well. Yeah. You see where this is heading.

Long story short, we’re very thankful for the fans we purchased a few years ago when the inside part of the cooling unit had to be replaced. The a/c guy came over Sunday morning and the longer he worked, the more expensive the project became.  The end result is we need a new outside system.  We’re exploring options.  The past several nights haven’t been too bad, relatively speaking.

Truth is, despite the heat & humidity, it isn’t so bad right now.

It really could be worse.  Let’s pray that it doesn’t get there!

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