Lisa’s Weekly Wine Challenges

So I had to “incentivize” myself into getting back on the fitness wagon.  I made a deal with myself that if I would JUST. WORKOUT. EVERY DAY. for 5 days, I could have a glass of wine.

I had tried this before and it didn’t work.  There was no guarantee that I would buy in to my own motivator.

But this time, something clicked.

I made it to three days and realized that with only two days left in my personal challenge, I’d be pretty lame to not finish.

I did my fifth day’s workout this morning.  Break out the vino!

My reward!

I got to thinking that I need to up the ante on these challenges and make them more meaningful, especially since I want to use this little incentive tool and lay a solid mileage foundation to take me to the first day of SARR half marathon training in August.

And maybe, just maybe … one or two people will want to join me along the way.  Who knows?  If no one does, no worries.  More wine for me!  🙂

Sooo the challenge is this: complete the weekly task, earn my wine.  Easy-peasy.

Wine Challenge  week 1 – Just Do It … work out every day for 5 days

Wine Challenge week 2 – Run to live, live to run … run/walk a minimum of 15 miles

Wine Challenge week 3 – Tri’d & tru … swim 2 days, cycle 2 days, increase run/walk to minimum 18 miles

Wine Challenge week 4 – Core values … complete 3 days of Becky’s challenges in addition to Tri’d & tru.  Run/walk mileage should be a minimum of 20 miles for the week

Wine Challenge week 5 – Contract, year 3 … increase run/walk mileage to minimum 23 miles for the week.

Wine Challenge week 6 – Remember the bike … increase run/walk mileage to minimum 26 miles for the week, minimum 15 miles cycling

Wine Challenge week 7 – Saturday SARR meetup … remember Tri’d & Tru?  Get your swim on at least twice this week in addition to cycling & minimum 30 miles run/walk


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