I interviewed for a job last week.  I hope I get it, it’s one I really want!  I’m not sure when I’ll find out if I’m the one they want.  Maybe as early as this week?  Praying for good news!

My foot is acting up and my final spring 5k is next Saturday.  I noticed the pain returning last Monday and it got progressively worse as the week wore on.  I did zero cardio after Monday last week.  I really started to feel guilty about it earlier this evening and revamped my training plan for the upcoming week.

I told Hub I’m not doing any foot work until Saturday and will shift my cardio focus back to cycle & swim.  Not sure why I’m having foot issues, but am thankful I have options!

Mum’s going with me this weekend to enjoy the post-race brunch (champagne & mimosas … sah-weet!) and later that day, we’re heading to the Silver Stars season opener.  I get to spend the whole day with my mom.  So happy!

Hub & I took a drive along River Road yesterday.  He asked if I’d ever been out there.  I think I have … but it was years ago.  It was nice to drive along the river with my husband.  We don’t do random, spontaneous things like that very often these days.  Work.  School.  Sleep.  That about sums up our daily routines.

I want to go back there after tourist season.  Take my camera, take my time.  Find interesting things; compose some cool shots.

Someone backed into my car this past week.  Didn’t even notice it until I was walking toward my car after work the other day.  No note.  Nothing.  Damaged my front fender but didn’t break the headlamp.

Just read that a dog that had been horribly abused lost her fight to live and died a few hours ago.  The women that had been nursing her over the past month are incredible heroes, despite the news that the pup is gone.  After I read about her tragedy, I held each of my Barky Boys and cried.  Bo & LRB hate when I cry.  Sheldon, I love him so, places his little head in my lap and snuggles me.  This made my cry harder.  For Flower.  For all the animals that are neglected, abused, and killed each day at the hands of depraved humans.

Many of my friends from high school are celebrating the accomplishments of their children: high school or college graduations, marriages, births of grandchildren.   It’s so easy to slump and feel sorry for myself with the thought of “I will never” repeating ceaselessly through my brain.  And I do for short bits of time, wallowing in my own little pity-party.

But then I stop and reflect on my life.  Would I have finished college much less Grad school? Would I have the job I have today much less been able to sit for the interview this past week?  If one thing had changed (like motherhood) would I even have my silly, goofy, lovable Barky Boys?

Only the good Lord knows.

I’m thankful.

For what I have and what I don’t.

I don’t know how to share this news with others.

Even reading it, I sound trite and holier-than-thou.  How do I share that I know that there’s a lot of bad news and bad stuff happening out in the world … heck, even in my own neighborhood?  There are depraved people, deceived people.  There are natural disasters that happen just because.  There’s no rhyme or reason for where tornadoes touch down, Earth’s plates shift, or rivers flood.

But in all these, there are blessings to be found.  Blessings to be counted.  Blessings to be remembered.

The woman whose missing cat walked up to her during the interview after a tornado destroyed her home.  The women who did all they could to try to save a tortured animal.  The tornadoes that missed both of my cousins’ daughters … on the same day.

Each of these are blessings that were found in the midst of terrible tragedy.

And that is what I work at doing: finding the blessing in the middle of the turmoil.  It’s there.

Sometimes it’s a lot harder to find than others.

But it’s there.

Blessings come in so many random places it’s often easy to overlook them.

Not seeing the blessings or being thankful for the blessings.

That’s the real tragedy.


2 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. I always read your “my life” pages and this one got me to thinking about saying thank you for the good things in our lives. When Dan and I moved here it was to retire in a wonderful beach community and enjoy the beauty of all that is here….we found a church, he got interested in some volunteer groups as did I, I joined the church choir and a choral group in Southport(a town just over the bridge)….we were all set and comfortable in our new little home. He had health issues but we found good doctors and felt we were in good hands. Then the bottom fell out of our little “together forever” dream the nite he had his fatal heart attack….right here in our little home,in a room I pass every day of my alone life. Well at first I had to be the strong person or so I thought, for our children….did everything myself and never asked for help….that was 15 years ago and I now have the pity parties you spoke of…why arent we the couple taking a walk together or traveling together…..then I give myself a good kick in the rear side and count my blessings…..I can live very comfortably without having to work like some of my widow friends do, my house is paid off and my jeep I bought outright….my children love me and we all rely on each other for everything and life is good. Ive had some health issues but my gals have always been here to take care of their old Mom when it was needed. So I guess what Im saying to you is that life doesnt always deal us the hand we want but we learn to count the blessings we are given…pity parties are allowed!!!!!!! we just dont want to live at those parties for long before saying thank you for what we have been given. May God bless you my dear Lisa….
    love you, Aunt Jeanie

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