Proud of Me

I like to “toot my own horn” every now & again.  Reminds me of the good stuff I’m doing, especially on the days when there’s just so much going on that I can’t even stop long enough to take a breath, much less a bite to eat.

It’s nice to work for a school district that’s located in a city that shuts down once a year to party.  Today is that day.  I celebrated by sleeping in and then having the worst, junky breakfast (that wasn’t part of the celebration … oh, alright, yes it was) and topping it off with a couple of very good workouts.

I wouldn’t have done this a couple of years ago.  I did head out for a few miles and snap lots of pictures last year on the Battle of Flowers but I didn’t workout with near the intensity I did today.  Or lately.

Some folks might look at my current training as pretty light-weight but for me at my present fitness level, it is intense.  And I enjoy it!  Besides, unless they’re working out, who are they to judge?

I’m not “married” to a particular sport (running, swimming, cycling) and I’m happy exploring all three, trying other different workouts, and just plain having fun.

Bonus: the scale is finally becoming my friend.  It’s been a very hard three months watching my weight only drop by an ounce or half a pound each week but the accumulation of these ounces and half pounds is finally starting to build into something significant and I am seeing that progress.  Total weight loss since the Cobweb Chaser on January 1st – 10 pounds.  Trust me.  I worked for every pound I lost.

It would be nice, though, to start seeing more substantial loss.  Hence my stepping up my workouts and varying the stuff that I do.  Just walking wasn’t cutting it.  As long as I continue to heal from my injury and be wise about what I do, I’m confident I’ll continue to see progress.

Life is good these days, despite the lousy last couple of reports from my doctors.  I’m not letting their dire reports get me down, though.  They have a plan to help me and I have a plan, too.  Together, we’re gonna whip this body into shape.

This is me tooting my own horn:  TOOT, TOOT!

2 thoughts on “Proud of Me

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