What I can do

“Lisa, I hate to tell you to stop working out …”

This is the statement my doctor kept repeating yesterday while she was checking out my foot (turns out I have developed plantar faciitis … boo).  I looked at her with a steady gaze and asked, “Can I still swim?  How about cycle?”  She looked at me, thought for a brief moment, and said, “Well of course you can do those!”  I asked her, “Just to clarify, the only thing I can’t do right now is run, right?”  She brightened up and replied, “Yes.  You’re still good to swim & cycle.”

Well, that was an easy fix!

So the Mission 10K on the 9th is out … unless I want to continue training and make the plantar faciitis worse. I’m not willing to play that game … especially since I’ve already registered for the Wine Run on May 14th and I have no plans to miss that!

I must confess, I’m not used to people telling me what I can’t do.  I don’t look at life through a glass half-empty.  We all have our limitations.  So what?  Even mountains can be scaled by blind men.  And men without limbs can travel the world to share an incredible message.  Who needs limbs? Or sight?

I am an educator.  I work with children with disabilities.  I have spent the past dozen years of my life helping my kids (and the teachers that work with them) find ways to be successful in spite of their physical or intellectual obstacles.

I agree whole-heartedly with Taylor Mali. I wanted to shout at my doctor to not tell me what I can’t do but what I CAN!

“Lisa, I hate to tell you to stop working out …”

Okay.  Then don’t.

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