Learning to Fall

Hub commented while laughing yesterday that I need to learn how to fall.

I took a tumble off my bike yesterday toward the end of mile 3 in the parking lot at Crescent Bend.  I had glanced at my Garmin, saw that we had only been riding for 25 minutes or so and we hadn’t even gone 4 miles.  I was attempting to ride between the concrete parking pylons when rather than riding past one, my front wheel clipped the corner of one.  Bike fell over, I slammed into the ground and just lay there.  Managed to scrape my arm & leg during the fall.  Thank goodness I had my gloves on or I’d have scraped my palms, too.  I rolled onto my back, my bike on top of me, and just looked up at the sky.  “Ow, that really hurt” was all I said.

This isn’t the first time gravity has had its way with me.

Hub gave me what I still consider the coolest birthday gift ever a few years ago … a pair of roller blades.  We took them out for a test ride/drive at the local community college parking lot.  All was going well until I realized I was rolling downhill, wasn’t sure how to slow down, and before I knew it was face first on the pavement.  I remember crying because I really managed to hurt myself pretty badly.  Almost broke my face (seriously!  slammed my face into the pavement and almost broke my orbital socket).  Hub was very close to being accused of wife abuse when I went to the hospital for x-rays on my knee and face.  The staff wanted me to bring him back to the hospital so they could “talk” to him.  I told them that all of this was because of my rollerblades … honest!  I never did go back to that hospital.  And I definitely didn’t send Hub in!

At any rate, after Hub patched me up yesterday afternoon, he said I need to learn the art of falling.  There’s apparantly more to it than just slamming your body into the ground.  I’m supposed to be able to tuck myself into a sort of ball and roll.  Like a gymnast.  Hmmmm.

I’m actually not convinced.  Surprised?  Me, neither.

I think I’ll focus on the opposite: learning to ride and not fall.  You know … so I can finish my ride.  You see, I’ve got another ride planned for today because and I can’t believe I’m saying this … I’m still healing from a foot injury that occurred last weekend on an evening run and I promised myself I wouldn’t put any significant distance on my feet until tomorrow.

Maybe I should stick to swimming.


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