So long Saucony

Let me preface this with:

I love dogs.  Ask anyone, they’ll tell you.  Heck, ask my dogs.  If they could talk, they’d tell you!

And kids.  I love kids.  I’m an educator … it’s kind of part of the job description, ya know?

What I don’t like are dogs and strollers in races.  If the race is designed specifically for dogs or kids in strollers, then so be it.  I might or might not enter depending on whether or not I’m interested in the venue.  If I enter, then I’ll deal with the poochies or the strollers and not complain.  But when the venue states no dogs or strollers and people show up with them anyway … I’m gonna say something.  Granted, it might be under my breath.  Or I just might say something out loud.  Depends on how “punchy” I happen to be at the time.

Today’s race was chock full o’ dogs & strollers.  And I want to personally thank the two runners with dogs that almost tripped me from behind … twice … because they didn’t pay attention to where their dogs were in relation to me and them.  Yes, tatertots, you read correctly … tripped from behind.  Thankfully crisis was averted each time by me being wise enough to scoot out of their dogs’ way.  Can you imagine?

But that’s not the real reason for today’s post.

The real reason is because I said “goodbye” to a brand of running shoes that I have worn since I began this journey back in 2006.  This is momentous because I’ve sworn by Saucony for years.

I haven’t been able to resolve my blister issue despite the numerous tips from runner friends.  I’ve tried new socks (the wicking kind), petroleum jelly on the soles of my feet, lacing my shoes a different way, layering my socks.  None of these worked.  I have over the past four weeks blistered on the sole of my foot on every run or walk over 3.5 miles.

Ms. BQ was sharing news this morning about a 10K in April she’d like us to train for (the three of us that have never run a marathon, that is).  I bit my lower lip thinking about the inevitable blisters I’d develop if I trained for a 10K right now and I wasn’t looking forward to that.  Thing is … I really want to increase my mileage but I’ve been taking it easy & limiting my long days to 5 miles because of the blister factor.

Ms. BQ swears by New Balance.  She & I have had several conversations about her passion for New Balance and I told her that I was going to give them a try.

Hub suggested we head over to the New Balance store to seek their advice on my blister dilemma.  So off we went.  And I am happy to report that I walked out with a new pair of running shoes.

I have a mile to run tonite.  It’s a dedication mile that I promised I’d do today in memory for the mother of a dailymile friend who lost her battle to leukemia this past week.

And yes, I’ll be wearing my new shoes.


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