Marathon Weekend

Before I forget, Mum!  I saw a tree full of cedar waxwings yesterday morning!  Looks like Spring is here.  Too soon, too soon!

I posted on DailyMile that I have been “talking up” my running group with my colleagues at our weekly campus audits.  I always end with, “You should join us!”  Well, my supervisor took me up on it this past Thursday.  I was pleased!  So we headed over to the Pearl after work and I told her I’d walk her pace and we would only stay out as long as she wanted to stay out.  Ms. BQ’s beginner 5k plan calls for 20 minutes on the first day, so I suggested we stick to that.  She asked me how far I planned to go and I shared I had planned on 3-4 miles but that I’d hang with her since it was her first time.  She said she wanted to do 30 minutes and so off we went.  After our 30 minutes along the river, I got her safely back to her car and headed for home.

I was telling Hub yesterday that I almost didn’t workout yesterday morning.  The road was wet and there was a nasty constant drizzle falling.  Those who know me will tell you that my least favorite time to hit the road is when it’s wet.

Yesterday marked day 50 of the 100 Day challenge.  I’ve been working on depleting my bank of missed days over the past couple of weeks and so I’m actually only on day 32.  But that’s okay!  My goal is to finish the challenge and that is what I plan to do. (speaking of, I really need to update my 100 days page …)

This is a marathon weekend for a few of my DM friends:  The Una Runner finished his marathon in Myrtle Beach yesterday with a Boston Qualifying time of 3:09, 45 minutes faster than his last fastest marathon time.  The guy took 45 minutes off his last race time.  Way beyond amazing! Rich & Kim are running the Austin marathon this morning … gun time in one minute.  Rich is also a Boston Qualifier and I think Kim is as well.  These guys are fast!  Jim is running the Hampton Half in Virginia as I type and I hope he has a great time today.

I share a little about all these people because they have been instrumental in keeping me focused on my goal of becoming a healthier, more fit person.  I couldn’t NOT get out on the road yesterday after telling my DM friends that I was going to be working on pace and distance this weekend.  Lenny wrote to me and said I should work on speed only once every couple of weeks.  Since my next 5K is next weekend, I opted to work on pace yesterday.  I’ll lace up and head out for some distance after I finish writing.

And as I headed out yesterday morning, I thought about each of these guys and the races they were doing this weekend.  Something inside of me “clicked” and before I knew it, my fast walking pace had turned into a slow running pace.  I didn’t run fast & I didn’t run far, but I ran.  I RAN!  As I was running, I started looking around at the countryside (there’s not much of this around my house anymore, houses are being built so fast that “countryside” can only be seen in short glimpses … and you have to know where to look) and I thought, “So this is what it’s like to be a runner!”  It felt good.

Seeing the tree full of Cedar Waxwings was icing on a very delicious cake.

By the way, I didn’t work on pace.  The very experience of running and enjoying it blew any chances of putting in an interval workout.  Oh well.  No worries!

I won’t run today … it’s a distance day and every training program I’ve read for beginning runners discourages consecutive days of running for the first several weeks until a mileage base has been built. So I’ll walk my mileage today.

And I’ll be happy.


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