By way of the dinosaur

I recently wrote about my Sunday routine: Read my ex sister-in-law’s running column, check out PostSecret, read my friend’s blogs.  My friends, for the most part, haven’t been updating their blogs very often and I’ve gotten to thinking: are blogs becoming a thing of the past?

I’ve been journaling almost from the time I learned to write.  I remember opening my closet during my senior year of high school and a pile of spirals I’d filled with thoughts, dreams, frustrations, and teenage angst came tumbling out.  I think I dumped all of them during my “cleansing my life of horrid high school memories” phase because they are nowhere to be found.  Irony: I hated high school and my first teaching assignment was at a high school.  This still makes me laugh.  Better?  I detested math, thanks to my sophomore year geometry teacher.  What did I teach?  Yep … math!

So what’s the deal?  Are blogs going the way of dinosaurs, checkbooks, and newspapers?  I check my stats every now & then and see that my readership has diminished.  I’m not complaining, although it seems that I am.  I’m merely making an observation.  I asked the Colonel if he’d read my blog lately and he said he hadn’t.  The Spook doesn’t, I imagine the Pilot’s Wife doesn’t, either.  Both the Colonel & the Spook told me that they rarely get on the internet anymore.  Granted, it is a great Black Hole that sucks blocks of time out of a person’s life so quickly it’s never even missed until it’s too late.  So the Spook & Colonel are actually playing it pretty smart.

But like I told all three of them: if you want to know me, check out my blog.

Even if blogs go the way of the dinosaur, I’m still committed to posting an entry at least once a week, and I update my 100 Days page fairly regularly (should be daily, but it’s not … I will get better at this).  I haven’t added any photos to my portfolio page, though.  Every time I do, the alignment shifts so I need to take some time to explore what my options are … check out other photographer’s pages, see what they are using.

At any rate, this is my thing:  I’ll still be here, typing away, sharing my thots … 🙂

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