One Word

One of my favorite authors is Jon Gordon.  I’m sharing today’s newsletter with all of my tatertots because I love its message and I think you’ll love it, too.

Take a moment to read the newsletter and then take some time to come up with your word.

Mine?  Forward

I have a tendency to lament on my mistakes, the “woulda-shoulda’s” if you will.  My 2010 was filled with so many laments that I got caught in a downward spiral that I couldn’t get out of for almost a full year.  I wasted a lot of energy not doing anything.  I was frozen mentally.  I will not allow myself to do this again.  It cost me a lot of time, energy, and money.  And it took a terrible toll on me physically.

Anytime I want to focus on a failing, I’ll cast it into 2010.  It’s over.  I can’t change the past.

But I most definitely can move Forward!

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