Caught off guard

Monday night’s phone call from Mum caught me completely off guard.  I told her she didn’t sound good (as in she sounded like she had one of her annual “colds”).  She responded with a chuckle and, “I’m in the hospital.”

Long story very short, she’s home.  Had a scare with her blood pressure and that’s being monitored closely but everything else is okay.

Thank you Lord!


My audit team was joking yesterday about what will happen when they become old and decrepit.  One said their children are already finding nursing homes for them to live in.  Another said their kids have already planned to take them “out back” and end their misery when they get to be too old to take care of themselves.  And they laughed.  All of them.

With everything that happened earlier this week, and all that continues to take place with my father-in-law, I thought the conversation in incredibly poor taste.

I couldn’t wait to leave.


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