When you carry three, what’s one more?

Sunrise over Schertz

Have you ever noticed how spectacular the clouds are during a sunrise or sunset?  I have.  Haven’t had my camera with me except one time.  All the others, I’ve simply been a witness to the majesty around me.

I took this picture about a month ago.  I can’t imagine what my neighbors were thinking: here I was out in my backyard in my pajamas & slippers snapping pictures of the incredible show in the sky.

I used one of my Christmas gift cards to buy a smaller camera bag.  Da asked if I had a tripod in it.  He laughed when I pulled one out. (It’s a tabletop tripod, silly!)

I bought the bag so that I could start keeping my camera with me all the time.  I’ve happened across so many incredible moments I wanted to capture and have been without my camera.  It’s frustrating, really, to only be able to remember my favorite shots and have nothing to be able to look back upon.

I’m blessed to have a job that allows me to travel throughout the city each day.  I need to get past my fear of someone taking my stuff and take my camera with me wherever I go.  Heck, I carry several bags with me from campus to campus.  What’s one more?


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