Another one for the books

2010 was by far, my worst year athletically speaking, than any year since I was diagnosed with diabetes. My goal has always been to show the world that diabetics can and should maintain healthy and active lifestyles.  I fell waaaaay short of this goal in 2010.

In addition, despite all my good intentions, I participated in only one race in 2010:  Mitchell Lake 5k on Memorial Day.  And have I mentioned that I haven’t been able to lose those blasted pounds I gained during my crushed foot fiasco?  Serious bummer!

I have no excuses and I won’t lament what could have or should have been.

I will, instead, do what we all do on the 31st of December: I’ll shrug off the old year and plan for the one ahead.

I’ve already committed to participate in John Bingham’s 100 Day challenge.  I’ve even created my own accountability chart and will post to it daily to both document my progress through the challenge and to show myself that 2010 was history, 2011 is my future … and it looks pretty darn bright!

I got really pumped when I received the e-mail from Aflac Iron Girl this morning notifying me that registration for the 2011 race series opened at 9am Eastern today.  Much like many who thumb through seed catalogs, I thumbed through and studied each of the events to determine which would be the best one for me to enter.  I’ve decided on Boulder in late August.  This gives me plenty of time to save up for hotel and gas.  Since it’s a triathlon, I’ll need to drive so I can transport my bike.  Two days of driving up & two days back … yikes!

Hub’s first concern was the short timeframe.  I understand his concern, but I know I can do this.

I’ll be finishing the 100 days in mid April which is just in time for the Komen 5k.  The sun will be setting later so I can start training on my bike after work.  Not to mention, pool temps should be rising so I can get my swim workouts in.

See?  No problem!

I can only enter two big events this year and so my second event will be the Rock’n’Roll SA in November.  I’ll do the half this year.   I can start planning for 2012 after the RnR, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.  One thing I need to keep in mind is I’d like to do Austin (half) in February, so I need to be cognizant of the timing to send in my entry fee.

2011: No turning back, no lamenting the past.

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