Grasshopper wants to learn

One of my favorite places to take pictures at is the Riverwalk downtown.  My favorite time to shoot?  At night when the Christmas lights are twinkling.

I’ve been playing with shutter speed and aperture value and have been able to frame some nice shots.

But …

I’m still not happy with most of my product.  I’ll get one or two each time that I like, so my desire is to be more consistent in what I see through my viewfinder (and my mind’s eye) and what I see when I download to the computer.

I was scanning the newspaper yesterday at Mum & Da’s and was so intrigued by the photo on the front page.  It was a nighttime shot of the Riverwalk, taken off the same bridge I like to shoot from.

And everything was clear.

How the heck did the photographer get such a clear shot?

I stared at the photo for what must have been a good several minutes … studying every feature and detail.  Da suggested I e-mail the photographer and ask about the details of the photo, what his settings were.

So I did.

I really want to learn;

I hope he writes me back.

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