A Week & A Day

The Pilot invited Hub, me, Mum, & Da to dinner the other night.  It was touch & go on whether or not Hub would be able to make it as he had just finished a marathon schedule of 5 days working both jobs with less than two hour’s sleep between each shift.  I knew Hub was off and I wanted him to bury his head in the pillow for 12+ hours of continuous sleep.  Because it isn’t much, I’m very protective of the amount of sleep he gets and don’t let him sacrifice even a minute of it if at all possible.  Mum & the Pilot, though, had other ideas and guilted me into convincing Hub to go to dinner with us.

All that being said, we had a nice time visiting with my parents and oldest brother during dinner and Hub was glad he joined us.

The Pilot looked at us and said, “So you’re celebrating 25 in a few days.  Congratulations!”

We are a week and a day away from our 25th anniversary.

25 years … Wow!

Look at these babies.  So young and hopeful about what the future held for them!

Our Wedding Day

Hub & I have shared many adventures over the past 25 years:

  • living in four different states
  • completing our undergrad studies and walking the stage together
  • military-related separation
  • setting and achieving near-impossible goals
  • illness
  • job transitions
  • laughter
  • welcoming nieces and nephews, grand nieces and grand nephews
  • the loss of loved ones

We were on the cusp of parenthood at one point several years ago, but I guess the Lord’s call on our lives hasn’t been to be parents to children of our own but to work with and love the children we’ve worked with over the past dozen years.

Hub & I are truly blessed.  In all our circumstances, whether good or bad, we have been here for each other; holding each other, supporting each other, loving each other.

The chapel we were married in was torn down a few years back.  I remember Hub’s voice, husky with emotion, when he called to tell me.  We don’t live too far away from the chapel and so I drove over to see for myself. I, too, was emotional about the chapel being gone.

I left with some bricks from the chapel wall.  They’re a part of my front flowerbed now, a daily reminder of the place where we took our vows.

One of my favorite musicals is The Fiddler on the Roof and this is one of my favorite scenes.  Tevye asks Golde a question:

Happy (early) anniversary, sweet Hub.  I love you more as each day passes.

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