I had to head to the local grocer yesterday afternoon because I had forgotten food for the Barky Boys.  Since it was the afternoon before Thanksgiving, I opted for the grocer down the street as opposed to fighting my way through the mania in the two giants up on the interstate.

And I got to thinking …

Is this … life as we know it in 2010 America … what the Pilgrims, my ancestors, would have imagined life in this New World they came to all those hundreds of years ago would be like?  They came to America to flee religious persecution.  They came to make a new life for themselves in a land far away from all they held dear.

And many of them died pursuing that dream.

When the autumn harvest was brought in, those that survived gave thanks.  Thankful for the natives that showed them how to hunt and how to cultivate the land, thankful for the bounty of their harvest, thankful to be alive.  But thankful, most of all, for a just and merciful God that provided for their needs.

May I always keep this perspective.


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