Pictures versus photographs

I’ve taken literally thousands of pictures through my life.  In fact, I’ve got almost a thousand pictures loaded on my computer since I bought my camera just over a year ago.

Of these thousands I’ve taken, I wager I’ve only got about a dozen actual photographs.  Sure, I’ve got some great snapshots, but as I’ve been analyzing what I’ve done and applying what I’m learning, the remarkable are few and far between.

Frustrating? Nah.  Disappointing, definitely.  I’m so excited to be taking the professional photography course!  It’s giving me the knowledge I need to compose the shots I dreamed of composing and to take my photography from the “okay” to the “spectacular.”  Sounds egotistical?  Okay, I’ll own it.

I can’t wait to head back out & apply what I’m learning!

I’m thinking I’m going to scrap the “Honey Do” list and spend the better part of my week out and about with my camera.



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