“What’d you catch?”

Hub & I headed over to the University of the Incarnate Word last night for Light the Way, their annual Christmas season kick-off celebration.  I had found Hub’s old tripod in one of the back bedroom closets last week and was eager to try a little night photography.  We got to the campus and parked well before the beginning of the celebration and headed over to the stadium.

One of the nuns walked with us and informed us that the tree lighting wouldn’t happen until after 8pm.  I heard Hub groan slightly.  He works at night & was needing to head home to rest for an hour or so before heading in.  Sitting in the stadium, we looked at each other and asked at almost the same time, “Do you really want to be here [waiting in the stadium for the lights to go on]?”  With over an hour of waiting for the lights, neither of us wanted to sit for that long and so we headed out of the stadium and back onto campus.

I had spied the Chancellor’s house as we were walking toward the stadium and shared with Hub that I wanted to take pictures of it so we headed over in that direction.  I set the tripod up and it only took me a few minutes in the dark to get the camera mounted as opposed to my first time struggling with the camera and tripod.  That little adventure took place at twilight and according to the bell tower’s clock, I spent 15 minutes struggling with the fool thing.  I’ve got a Master’s degree & I couldn’t put a camera on a tripod?  Embarrassing!

But I’ve digressed …

Hub & I were talking about a variety of things while I was shooting … f/stop, shutter speed, debating on which lens to use (as in, “why not try the shot with the other lens to see how you like it?” and “no really, which lens do I need to use?”) And in the midst of all this, spectators were stopping by asking me a gaggle of questions.

The curious groundskeeper: “Why are you taking pictures over here, the celebration is at the stadium!”

The silly question from a passerby: “Waiting for the flash to go off, eh?”  What I wanted to say, “There’s a reason for the tripod, dude.  I need the tripod for stability.  I’m shooting with available light; I have my aperture open as far as it will go and I’ve slowed my shutter speed down as much as I can.”  What I actually said was, “Ah, no.”

And the question that stumped both Hub and me: “What’d you catch?”  We both looked at each other with a questioning look.  I turned to the woman and said, “Um … I’m taking pictures” as I pointed to one of the buildings we were sitting next to.  With a look of confusion on her face, she hurried past us.

I thought about her question as we headed home.  And then I realized what she meant.  What did I catch. On film. I’m such a dork.

We didn’t stay long enough to see the trees light up, but I did manage to capture these:

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