Good night sweetheart

Last night was the first time in a l-o-o-o-n-g time I’ve slept a solid seven.

I credit it to two things:

  1. I was bloomin’ exhausted
  2. All of my end-of-month stuff was turned in on time

Meeting deadlines might not mean much to some people; I stress horribly if I don’t meet my deadlines.  Which means I don’t sleep and lack of sleep makes me crabby (just ask Hub).

And can we talk about the cool weather?  My goodness it’s such a welcome break from the heat we’ve been having.  “Downtown” Steve Brown is predicting a mild winter.  I can’t say I mind so much.  Last winter was a challenge to get out and run because of the wind chill.  Since I’m planning to run/walk a half mary in April, I need to be out training as many days as possible (no access to a dreadmill).  The cooler weather has opened my workout window, meaning I can sleep in without feeling the guilt of missing that 60 minute window of time before the day turns so hot that the only thing I want to run to is the nearest fan.


Ah, the blessings of a good night’s sleep!

Up next:  Coffee time!


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