The Photog emergeth

I headed out to the golf course with Hub and his friends yesterday.  It was sunny, an element I haven’t yet mastered as most of my pictures I take in full sun look washed out.

So, guess what I’m in the market for?  Yep … a polarizing filter.

On the other hand, I noticed something:  I’m becoming very comfortable taking pictures of people.  I realized yesterday that I don’t need to take pictures of people’s faces in order to tell a story.  Other body parts tell a story, too.

So I started shooting the guys’ feet & hands.

My most favorite shot of the day is this gem of one of the players waiting their turn at the tee box.  As you can see, I’m still practicing with the AV.  Not only that, Mum found an old book on taking better portraits that she gave me last week and so I thought I’d give some of those tips a try as well.

Hub calls this my “product placement” shot.  I shot the reverse of this with the guys in focus and the foreground blurred and like it just as well.  I am loving playing with the aperture value!

I asked my brothers if I can tag along during their golf outing next week.  I hope I can get just as many great shots on that trip as I did yesterday!

I love the story of this shot.  Without me even explaining, you can see he guy doesn’t like his shot.

I’m going to sell one of my pictures one day.  I can just FEEL it!

(photo credit: Speedy Lisa, Canyon Springs)

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