A case for Facebook

Hub and I graduated from high school 30 and 29 years ago respectively.  Coincidentally, both our high schools are celebrating multi-year reunions this year.  His this weekend, mine late next month.  We went to a pre-reunion get-together with a few of his buds the other night. We had a good time although I kept asking myself, “Why are we hanging around with old people?” All kidding aside, weren’t we teenagers just yesterday?  When did the hands of time have their way with us?

The most interesting conversation starter of the evening was, “Hey I read on your Facebook …”  Yes, thank goodness for Facebook!  It’s living up to it’s goal of keeping everybody updated on what everybody else is doing.  Not to mention, talking about something posted helped to fill those always awkward gaps when we ran out of things to talk about.

So my question is this: if everybody has a Facebook page, why the need for reunions?  The purpose of reunions is to reconnect, catch up on what’s happened and share what’s happening.  We do this through Facebook.  Doesn’t this make reunions almost redundant?  Although, this IS San Antonio and folks around here never need an excuse to throw a party, so I might be losing my own argument.

I don’t have any plans to go to my high school reunion.  This nugget of information drives Mum & Da, not to mention the Spook, nuts.  For them, reunion attendance is a mandatory, no questions asked, experience.  Me?  Not so much.  I’m a fairly shy person when speaking to people face to face … even my own family.  Put a keyboard in front of me, however, and watch me come out of my shell.

I know there will be many former classmates that will miss me at my reunion next month.  I truthfully don’t know why that will be.  We “see” each other almost daily …

on Facebook.

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