Empty Nester?

“You’re an empty nester so I didn’t think you’d mind me calling this late …”

And so began a phone conversation I had with one of my teachers last night.  Since it was past my bedtime, I had actually begun to drift off to sleep when my phone started ringing.  Please understand I don’t usually answer the phone after work hours unless I really need to speak to the person calling.  Since I really needed to speak to this teacher, I answered.

“Empty nester.”  What an odd term.  I never thought about Hub & me as being empty nesters as we never filled our nest with children in the first place.  The opposite of “to fill” is “to empty.”

Hmmm …

What bothers me is the assumption that because we have no children, it’s okay to call late at night.

And that, dear tatertots, is just wrong.


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