Speedy Thots

The Barky Boys have it made.  We bought a new living room set in November and rather than try to keep the poochies off the new furniture, we opted to lay down blankets and let the dogs continue to have the run of the house.  For whatever reason, we’re not meant to have children.  These fuzzy guys are our little fur babies.  If you’re not able to have children and you have a house full of animals, you know exactly what I mean.

Hub & I were talking the other day about their insurance premiums increasing.  Not something I’m overly concerned about because, heck, their coverage is ten times better than our’s and a whole lot less expensive!

I had a ton of fun at Monday’s Birdlovers 10k.  Adhering to the promise I made to my doctor when he finally cleared me, I did the non-competitive 5k walk.  It really chaps my butt when runners enter the walking events.  I still had a great time and I managed to take some really awesome pictures in the process.

Because I’m a walker, I know that my start is in the back of the pack.  I have NO problem with this!  In fact, I rather enjoy starting last and working my way up.  A friend of mine told me that she enjoys the feeling of passing people while she races.  I have to agree with her.  It’s a pretty good feeling!

In the pursuit of my new hobby, I’ve been practicing with the different features on my camera.  I discovered the aperture value and white balance last weekend and have spent a good amount of time fiddling with these.  I like having more control of my product during the shoot and I really like my results.

I have this fantasy that one day I’ll actually SELL one of my pictures.  Goodness knows there are a ton of photographers shooting thousands of excellent photos.  I like to think I have the chops to compete with the best of them.

(Photo credit: Speedy Lisa, May 2010)

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