When did half the year pass by?

Seriously!  Wasn’t it just yesterday I was contemplating the timing of when to send out the Happy New Year cards I had just finished addressing? What’s that you say?  You didn’t get your Happy New Year card from Hub & me?  Probably because they’re still sitting on my desk waiting for a stamp and a trip to the mailbox.  You’ll get your card sometime before the end of the year.  Promise.

I’m looking at the calendar and I really am shocked to see May 29th staring back at me.  I know I didn’t fritter away 6 months of my life doing nothing.  Or did I?

Nope.  Looking at everything posted on my calendar, I know I didn’t.

This is more of a “Seinfeld” reflection and I’d be mighty surprised if I actually hit the publish button.  I just might do it.  Why, you ask? … well … because I haven’t written in a week and, as busy as it was, it was THAT kind of a “Seinfeld” week.

Did you hear about the company on April Fool’s Day that added the blurb of “selling my soul to the devil if I violate these terms” to their Service Agreement testing to see how many of their customers actually read the legalese?  A few people did; they contacted the company (and apparently some media outlets) and news of it spread through the internet.  Even though it was a prank, the seriousness of it can’t be ignored … READ THE FINE PRINT before you sign anything!  Um, yeah.  I need to heed my own advice on that one: I signed my contract for next year.  Thankful to have a contract to sign, I didn’t waste a second in reading the fine print.  Hope I didn’t “sell my soul” on that one!

Had my final appointment yesterday for the foot injury.  I’m cleared!  Hooray!  I need to try to put my Sauconys on.  Haven’t been able to since “the incident” and each time I’ve attempted to put a shoe on … any shoe on … the knot that is still on the top of my foot doesn’t allow much room for comfort.  Soooo I’ve spent almost every day in my old running shoes that have loosened with age.  Doesn’t look professional, but at least I’m moving around a whole lot faster, but not at my normal speedy pace just yet.

Read about the Forerunner 110.  I’d like to see it in person, try it on, play with the buttons.  I don’t like my 205 because it’s so bulky.  It slides around on my wrist and it’s just bulky.  Reminds me of an old-model cordless phone:

Here’s my Garmin  & here’s a circa 1990 cordless phone.  See what I mean?  Both are bulky … ugly.  Sure, both do their job, but come on!  This is 2010.  Time to update our wardrobe & technology!

With this:


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