What goes up

“Lisa you have inspired me …”

A colleague texted me a couple of days ago (which reminds me, I need to send her this link) letting me know that she and her husband have registered for the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Half Marathon.  I was talking to another colleague the day before who was thinking about entering the race but wasn’t too sure about the 6:30 am workouts.  Really?  6:30?  I told her it would be nice to sleep in to work out at 6:30!  She thought I was kidding.

I’m mentally preparing myself to begin my own half-mary training on Monday and am not relishing the return to a 4:45am wake up calls!

Which is why I headed out the door this morning to test the foot out.  Each step hurt as I hobbled down my street and out to the Parkway.  I can’t count how many times before I hit my pre-determined turnaround point that I wanted to a) stop; b) sit down; c) cry; d) give up & go home.

But I didn’t do any of these.  For this reason, and this reason alone, I’m really proud of myself.

Something propelled me forward.  Step by step.  I thought the entire trip was going to be painful, but it wasn’t.

I discovered that there wasn’t as much pain when I went uphill.  I began looking forward to the uphills.  I remembered I live at the top of a slight hill.  I got really happy!

Until I remembered “what goes up must come down.”  My foot really hurt on the downhills.  I gimped down each hill relishing the prospect of the next uphill and home.

Home!  I knew what was waiting for me … ice & elevation.

I’m enjoying both as I type this.

That and the company of a man who loves me and knows how important it was for me to head out this morning.

Despite the pain.


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