Here I Sit

Here I sit with my foot propped up on a pillow taking a break between ice packs.  The bruising has started and the foot looks, well, weird.  Swollen, green, purple.  Blech!

Who knew one table could cause so much drama?

Let me rephrase that: Who knew one top-heavy, cumbersome table would tip over on it’s own … and my foot would be in the way?

Certainly not me.

Imagine a Jenga tower falling over because there’s not enough support in the base and too much on top.  That about describes what happened yesterday afternoon when my colleague and I were packing up to leave campus for the evening.  A freak accident, I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The table would have fallen whether I was standing there or not.

My colleague and the assistants that were in the office during the “incident” were amazed at my calm and lack of tears.  As I told Mum this morning, I’m earning a huge reputation of being a “hard ass.”

My foot swelled fairly quickly; I asked for ice, the assistants called for the school nurse while I found a place to sit down and prop up my foot.  There were several gawkers and many gasps and “oh my goshes” as we waited for the nurse to arrive with an ice pack.

I knew what I needed to do … elevate, ice, fill out an accident report, head to the hospital.

I texted Hub.  Took a picture of my foot and texted that to him as well.  He called, concerned about me.  We talked.  I laughed, calmed him down by letting him know I was okay.  Really!  The gawkers looked on in shock, waiting for me to burst into tears.  It never happened … there.

I drove myself to the hospital, my colleague following behind me to make sure I arrived safely.  He handed me off to Hub, I told him to head home to his wife and grandbabies.  My ER stay involved hobbling between the registration, admitting, and x-ray areas.  Staff asked if I wanted a wheelchair.  I shrugged each offer off.  I mean, I’d walked to my car from the office and then from my car into the ER.  Puh-leeze!  Why would I need a wheelchair now?

The wait would have been unbearable if not for free WiFi.  I was able to get a little work done via e-mail and spent some time surfing the ‘net.

It wasn’t until the PA took my shoe off to examine my foot that the tears started flowing.  The shoe & ice had kept the swelling down.  Agonizing pain shot through my foot and up my leg.  Oh.  My.  Gosh!  She asked if I would like another ice pack.  As soon as she stopped touching my foot, the pain stopped.  Whew!  The RN came in to wrap my foot and more pain and more tears.  She kept apologizing … I told her to just. please. hurry.  Once she finished and wasn’t manipulating my foot anymore, the pain went away.  I haven’t had any pain since. Doctor’s orders are to stay home until Friday.  Stay off my foot, elevate it, ice it.  Use the crutches.  Don’t use the stairs.

I finally agreed to a ride in the wheelchair out to the waiting room to wait for Hub.  You see, I’m such a “hard ass” I sent my husband home, insisting I would be able to drive myself home once the day was done.

Dumb, I know.  What can I say … my ass isn’t the only thing that’s hard.


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