I make me smile

There are days when I’m a really funny lady.

No, not the way I look, although Hub has made occasional comments about my wardrobe choices …

Here are a few of my posts from Facebook & Twitter over the past month:

Hub: “I guess I have to eat the whole pie myself.” Me: “Well, you didn’t even offer me a slice.” Hub: “Do you want a slice of pie?” Me: “No.” Facebook 5/7/10

Had to laugh @ a colleague who couldn’t figure out how to read a math problem with the symbol, “pi”, in it. She said, “it’s like it’s written in Greek or something!” Me: “that’s because it is. “ Facebook 4/27/10

Not enjoying becoming a woman of “a certain age.” Where can I buy a “do over?” Facebook 4/26/10

Holding an almost-empty cake pan, the principal at one of my campuses asked me, “Lisa, do you like chocolate cake?” I’m a woman. OF COURSE I like chocolate cake! Facebook 4/22/10

Watching my across-the-street neighbor work in his yard is making me tired. Twitter 4/23/10

Last question on survey from my local grocer asked what they could do to better my “shopping experience.” Me: Sell Skippy PB w/blue lid! Twitter 4/2/10

Life’s too short to only write about the serious stuff.  I was trying to cheer Hub up the other day after he relayed all the stresses & frustrations of the class where he was working with the following text:

Dude, you gotta lighten up!

Don’t we all.

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