Hero of Integrity

One of my clerks asked me if I was running the Komen race today.  I told him I wasn’t as I missed the deadline to get my entry fee in.  He said he didn’t pay, either, but was going to run anyway.  I gave him a look of extreme disapproval, explained that what he was planning to do was wrong, and walked away.

Did I mention he’s a seminary student?

Flash back two weeks ago to a golf tournament Hub & I were watching on TV.  It was sudden death, Brian Davis called a penalty on himself allowing Jim Furyk (I player I respect and often root for) to win the Verizon Heritage.  As hormonal as I am lately, I’m sure I cried while I was witnessed the scene unfold.  Brian Davis, a man I’d never heard of, became an instant hero of integrity for me.

Integrity isn’t a word I throw around lightly.  I was really pretty disappointed with my clerk and his cavalier attitude about running the Komen race and not planning to pay the entry fee.  For me, this is wrong on two levels: he’s studying to be a preacher and what he was planning to do is theft.

Aren’t preachers supposed to be moral role models?  Don’t they teach ethics in seminary? I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure don’t want to be receiving teaching in the Word from someone who doesn’t give a second thought to taking something and not paying for it.  And theft is exactly what running a race without paying the entry fee is called.

If he wants to run 3.1 miles and not pay for it, he needs to do what I’ll be doing in a few minutes … run around the neighborhood.

That’ll always be free.

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