Vicarious Living

Once each week, Queen Mum & Da take a day trip.  They’ve had lunch in Fredricksburg, scoured the countryside for wildflowers, hung out at the zoo, and toured the new expansion on the Riverwalk to name a few of their recent destinations.

I try to catch up with them shortly after their return to hear all about their adventure.

And then I share their travels with my colleagues.

We’re all vacationing vicariously with my parents.

It’s really fun to hear where they’ve been.  Many of my colleagues, after hearing about “this exhibit” or “that town” share the news with their families and they head out to repeat my parents’ adventure for themselves.

I’ll bet my parents didn’t realize they had become day trip ambassadors, advocating the joys of “keeping it local.”  If they didn’t, they do now! 🙂

I’m counting down the weeks (too many days, still) until I can take my REAL vacation.  Until then, I’m more than happy taking mini-breaks through my parents.  Thanks Mum & Da for all the great stories … I love you bunches and really enjoy hearing about your weekly adventures!


2 thoughts on “Vicarious Living

  1. Since we’re such good travel advisers, how about some compensation? Just kidding. We intend to go visit the dinosaurs soon, want to join?

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